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Floops:   The First Episodic 3D VRML Cartoon

You've found the archive of Floops "Re-Runs". Floops is a fully animated 3D VRML cartoon character, designed specifically to live on the Web. Part worm, part frog, part mini human, Floops is the star of the below 65 episodes. With complete sound most episodes range 200-250K (just under 2 minutes over 28.8 modem). If you are having trouble or want to know more about VRML, find awnsers here.

Episode 7
"Famished Floops"

Special Ep.
"Out With The Old"

Episode 10
"Leave Me Alone"

Episode 20
"Bon Voyage Flipper"

Episode 24
"On the Way to School"

Episode 28
"I'm Free. . .And Hungry"

Episode 29
"Exit Stage Left"

Episode 31
"Ah...The Great Outdoors"

Episode 35
"C'mon Duck Boy!"

Episode 36

Episode 38
"That Cool Death-Ray Thing"

Episode 41
"Getting Interactive..."

Episode 42
"Touch the Dish, Get a Fish"

Episode 46
"Don't Click the Fish"

Episode 47

Episode 52
"This Could Get Ugly"

Episode 53
"Try a Little Harder"

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